Today’s video and audio content needs to be made in a wide-variety of formats and file types. From the highest quality broadcast formats to multiple-resolution online streaming files, PMI has the tools and experience to create the files you and your viewers require.

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The term “file-flipping” is one that gets a lot of use in the industry today. PMI has been flipping files since the beginning of the digital video paradigm and we know what works and does not work for the various release formats a project requires.

The world of video and audio codecs can be daunting and it is our job to guide you as to what formats and specifications work best for your particular needs. We use the best tools available to keep your delivery quality as high as possible, while balancing the trade-off between image quality and fast deliverability, especially for streaming content.

Fast, secure and efficient delivery of those files is crucial, as well, and PMI answers that call with our own Aspera Enterprise server, for accelerated, encrypted delivery of content in either direction. Already have your own delivery or preferred file-sharing service? No problem, as PMI has worked with them all.


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At PMI, we take pride in developing innovations in content distribution, using our experience to maximize terrestrial delivery for syndicated cloud-based content. We are known for a consultative approach to customer needs with the ability to orchestrate complex content across all platforms.

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