Closed Captioning

Accessibility is an important concept in today’s broadcast and online video environments. Closed-captioning of the audio content of a show is more crucial than ever to allow persons with hearing impairments to enjoy your content, as well as allowing for understanding audio in noisy environments.

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PMI partners with several captioning providers, allowing us to choose the best service for the particular job, whether the requirement be fast-turnaround, precisely placed caption positions or captioning of supplied scripted text. We have handled caption services for thousands of hours of content, so we know what is needed for FCC legal compliance for broadcast stations and media outlets.

We can also adapt existing caption content to other online-video formats for on–screen text or subtitles, as well. In addition, we offer both offline (non-realtime audio-to-text composition) and online (live, near-realtime transcription) captioning services, to suit all situations.


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At PMI, we take pride in developing innovations in content distribution, using our experience to maximize terrestrial delivery for syndicated cloud-based content. We are known for a consultative approach to customer needs with the ability to orchestrate complex content across all platforms.

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