March 9, 2011
David Case


When the original creative meetings were held for the annual Pittsburgh Film Office Oscar Night fundraiser, “Lights! Glamour! Action! 2011,” discussions were centered on what we could do differently this year to increase the attendance and raise the level of excitement surrounding the event. As 3-D movies seem to be the latest craze, some suggested that we consider presenting this year’s movie lines as performed by our local celebrities, in 3-D. Following the PMI philosophy that we are willing to embrace most new technologies, and as we had just entered the 3-D production world, our staff excitedly moved forward, bringing all the elements together to make that night a 3-D night to remember.

Utilizing our newly acquired 3-D camera and our staff stereographers (that’s someone who has been trained in and understands the subtleties and complexities of shooting in 3-D) we shot our celebrities the night of January 28th, at the “So You Want to be in Pictures” pre-Oscar party. For the next three weeks, those clips were edited and composited with 3-D graphics from our resident artists in one of our edit suites, recently outfitted specifically to handle working with stereoscopic images.

On the night of February 27 at Stage AE on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, all of the elements flawlessly came together for the largest non-theatrical 3-D presentation ever seen in Pittsburgh. The crowd of over 900, all equipped with their 3-D glasses, were enthralled with the imagery on the big screen as Pittsburgh stars came to life. As one of the attendees was heard to say, “This is absolutely amazing! I can’t believe the quality of the imagery and the realistic appearance of our talent.” While another echoed, “I can’t believe something this spectacular could be created totally in Pittsburgh. Truly spectacular.” And Film Office Chairman Russ Streiner summed up his experience this way, “Working with the crew at PMI is always a treat—however, this project was extra-special because we filmed and conformed with PMI’s new 3-D technology. What fun.”

If you didn’t attend the event and would like to see what the buzz was all about, give us a call—we’ll put you in a pair of glasses and you can see some of that night’s events unfold in glorious 3-D; but we should warn you, once you see our local celebrities performing their lines, you may be hard-pressed to avoid joining in the fun next year in support of the Pittsburgh Film Office.

If you’d like to learn more about the Pittsburgh Film Office, how your support helps the Pittsburgh economy and see some of the coverage of that night’s magical event, go to: www.pghfilm.org

(And here comes PMI’s shameless sales pitch.) If you want to have your next event, meeting or celebration shot and presented in 3-D, let us know and we’ll work with you to bring your creative vision to life and plan a memorable experience for your audience. Quoting Mr. Streiner once again, “I suggest you try 3-D in an upcoming production—don’t worry, PMI will hold your hand and not let anything bad happen to you.”



  1. That sure as hell isn’t an Eyetique ad!!

  2. What a gang. What a fantastic image of beautiful people!

  3. What a fantastic image of the beautiful people!!

  4. David, I love this photo!

  5. You all look fabulos as usual.

  6. Looks like you put on a fantastic show. Wouldn’t expect no less.

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